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These are the organizations behind Löyly. Need to contact the project coordinators?

Project coordinator at the University of Oulu is Katariina Sarja (

Project coordinator at Oamk (Oulu University of Applied Sciences) is Elli Tervo (



The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) is an organisation that provides services to students in the University of Oulu and takes care of issues that are important to them. OYY has approximately 11 000 members. Our mission is A Good Life for Students.




Student Union of Oulu University of Applied Sciences OSAKO is a politically independent service and support organization for the students of Oulu UAS. OSAKO’s status is prescribed by law, and the main task of OSAKO is to represent students and their interests inside Oulu UAS, in the Oulu region and on a national level.

OSAKO has over 4500 members, which makes it one of the biggest student unions in universities of applied sciences in Finland.


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Business Kitchen

Business Kitchen is an Oulu-based growth company centre that, with the support of its wide range of services, helps companies refine their business ideas and develop their business operations. In addition to this, it also helps them to utilise the competence of students. 

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University of Oulu

The University of Oulu is an international science university which creates innovation for the future, well-being, and knowledge through multidisciplinary research and education. Future innovation is about seeking, utilizing and applying new knowledge. 


Oulu Entrepreneurship Society

Oulu Entrepreneurship Society (OuluES) promotes entrepreneurial mindset, community and culture in Oulu.

OuluES is a student organization with members from both Oulu's universities. OuluES is the first step on your journey towards entrepreneurship and working life. We help you to learn new skills and build your networks. To join our events and activities, you do not need to have a business ID nor desire to find your company in the next two weeks.

We welcome all people from entrepreneurs to students from different fields and backgrounds.



BusinessOulu is in charge of implementing Oulu's industry policies, and providing growth companies with the services they require, in addition to promoting export, import, investments, and employment. BusinessOulu makes a determined effort to develop tourism and provides assistance in running successful meetings, conferences and events.

Talent Attraction project aims to activate potential foreign experts in Finland, to attract foreign experts from selected target countries to Finland and to develop marketing of the attraction factors of the region from the perspective of international experts.