Data about international Oulu

Before the first Löyly on 2018 we did a survey asking companies in Oulu about their needs on international employees. The survey aimed both at getting a better understanding of the companies' needs, as well as planning the event programme based on the survey answers. Here's what we found out.


Does your company have international acitivities?

International activities

Majority of the companies had international activities. Most of them were doing business globally in iver 80 countries, including China, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Saudi-Arabia, Iran, Oman, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Kuwait and Australia.  All of them were planning on expanding their international affairs. 


Do you currently have international staff?

International Staff

78,6 % of the companies had international staff. The small minority that had no international staff told the reason they had no international staff was that they had no openings at that time.


Have international applicants from Oulu applied to work for you?

International Applicants

Whooping 42,9 % of the companies answered that international applicants have not applied to their open positions! This is why we decided it's about time to bring students and companies together. This is how Löyly was born.