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Find a job in Oulu

Löyly 2018

Löyly is a new employment event for international students in Oulu. Event program will include inspiring presentations and workshops from companies that have international activities, specialists and international alumni. It will take place at Business Kitchen facilities at University of Oulu on 6th of April.

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Schedule of Events

Workshops, Matchmaking
& Much More!


Themes will revolve around

  • Connecting with local Companies and Entrepreneurs,

  • Job Search Process & Work Skills,

  • Making a difference & Communality

 Picture by Tellus

Picture by Tellus

For Who?

For the international degree students studying or recently graduated at The University of Oulu or University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS) and for local companies.


For Why?

To bring together international students and possible employers in Oulu!


the aims of the event?

  • Educate Finnish workplace skills for international students
  • Rise students awareness of the needed skills employers look for when hiring
  • Make Oulu an interesting alternative for the international students to live and work after studying



André Noël Chaker

Award-winning speaker and author.


More speakers

To be announced soon!